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Meet with new face of business intelligence: Tableau Software award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visulization and rapid-fire business intelligence on data of any site, format or subject. The result? Anyone an get answers from data quickly, no programming required.

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  • A lot of the things we’re looking at are internal, confidential data that we can’t share externally. So it’s creating value for the organization. Obviously, that’s happening behind the scenes, but at the same time, we can really focus on the business issues and allow the software to get out of the way and allow us to quickly develop the insights which we’re looking for. So that’s been my overall experience of Tableau and the reason why we continue to use it.

    Duncan Slater - Senior Project Manager
  • The speed to insight with Tableau is breathtaking. The turnaround to answers with many questions that we get would usually take weeks and properly so in many instances. Tableau has provided us a way to quickly answer our customers, because they need the information now. They need it within days, not weeks, or months. Our leadership has been inspired by our ability to share this information in a succinct and clear way and they can understand the story quickly

    Priority Healthcare
    Luke Wilson, Medical Informatics Consultant
  • Unilever is a fantastically complicated business from a global perspective. We have products in 170-plus countries. Tableau helps us look at our information and bridge the gap between the global perspective and the local perspective. It enables global managers to drill down into the level of detail that they need to in order to understand the business and make the business decisions they need to make. The beauty I think really is that you’re enabling decisions that would not otherwise be available. There’s a sort of higher quality of decision-making.

    Rishi Kumar, Director of Analytics
  • I think what Tableau brought to us was a great change in our way of thinking. Everyone can look at the same results, so that the conflicts within the company diminish. And you publishing the data source within Tableau, you give freedom to people to have self-service BI, but they continue always looking for the same results. So, they can explore— always guaranteeing that the information is always going to be there—with the same results, and the publication of the data source for me is the great secret that Tableau brings to us.

    Oi Telecom
    Raphael Stein, Oi’s Director of Business Intelligence
  • One of the ways that we’ve been able to use Tableau to make more data-driven decisions is to have those quick touch bases with leadership where leadership comes to us and asks, “Hey, I have a problem. I know you have the data. Come with me for 30 minutes and let’s explore.”. We’re able to really tell a bit more of a story, as opposed to more static views, and longer-term views that really help leadership understand the strategy behind the initiative.

    Adrian Goh, Manager of Global People Analytics
  • I can answer things within a business meeting at the speed we’re going at now. Before Tableau, we were talking a day or two turnaround per question. Now I can sit with my laptop in a meeting and answer questions on 20 million rows of data basically on the fly. The major impact Tableau is having is on the way people are thinking. Tableau is really starting to increase innovation. People felt restrained by some of the tools we had before, and Tableau is allowing them to think about things in a new way

    Peter Gilks, Senior Insight Analyst
Oi Telecom
Priority Healthcare


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