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Các chức năng, điểm mới của Microsoft Purview trong tháng 8 – 2023

Các điểm mới, chức năng mới của Purview trong tháng 8-2023


August 2023


Communication compliance

Data lifecycle management and records management

  • Improvements for archive mailboxes: When a mailbox is enabled for archive and assigned a retention policy to retain items, or any other type of hold, more storage space is available to support a large number of deleted items. The storage quota for the Recoverable Items folder in the primary mailbox is increased by 5 GB, raising it from 100 GB to 105 GB. Correspondingly, the Recoverable Items warning quota is increased from 90 GB to 95 GB.
  • New guidanceWill an existing label be overridden or removed?

Data loss prevention


Information barriers

Insider risk management

Microsoft Priva

Sensitivity labels

Zero Trust