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Các điểm mới của Purview trong tháng 10-2023

Các điểm mới của Purview trong tháng 10-2023

October 2023

Adaptive scopes

New guidance: How adaptive scopes work with Microsoft Entra administrative units

Communication compliance

Data lifecycle management and records management

Data loss prevention

Insider risk management

Microsoft Priva

Sensitivity labels

  • General availability (GA): Outlook on the web supports the sensitivity bar and label colors.
  • General availability (GA): PDF support for auto-labeling policies, default sensitivity labels for SharePoint document libraries, and labeling activities in Office on the web that include manual labeling and displaying labeled documents, and encrypted PDFs that are now supported for DLP, eDiscovery, and search. You must opt-in for this PDF support.
  • General availability (GA): Now in Current Channel, in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, users can no longer select Information Rights Management (IRM) options that can override your sensitivity label encryption settings. Instead, users are prompted to apply a sensitivity label. For more information, see the updated section, Information Rights Management (IRM) options and sensitivity labels.
  • General availability (GA): Office documents that are labeled and encrypted can be tracked and revoked as a parity feature for the AIP add-in.
  • Updated guidance:
    • For auto-labeling policies, added a callout note that simulation results might not include expected files because they were updated after simulation ran.
    • New requirement for a default sensitivity label for a SharePoint document library that files must contain content to be labeled. Empty files are labeled when they are updated with content.
    • Clarification that sensitivity labels to protect meetings don’t extend to related meeting items, such as recordings, transcripts, whiteboard, and tasks.
    • The Label priority (order matters) section is updated to reflect the updated UI that displays Priority instead of Order for the Labels page of the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.