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Các điểm mới của Purview trong tháng 6-2023

Các điểm mới của Purview tháng 6-2023

June 2023

Communication compliance

Compliance Manager

  • Updated the regulations list page for the addition of a new template for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  • Update to clarify that some automatically tested actions might show a status of “Out of scope” within the first 24 hours of setup with Microsoft Defender for Cloud monitoring.
  • Update to reflect that the link to export an assessment report is now called “Export actions.”

Data lifecycle management and records management

  • General availability (GA): Auto-labeling retention policies for cloud attachments that are shared via Viva Engage are now in general availability.
  • Rolling out: A default retention label for Outlook is always retained when an item is moved to the Deleted Items folder.

Data loss prevention

Insider risk management

Microsoft Priva

Sensitivity labels

  • General availability (GA): Now rolling out, Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS support a setting for mandatory labeling that you can configure with Microsoft Intune to prompt users to select a sensitivity label when they first compose an email instead of when they send it.
  • General availability (GA): Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS, the sensitivity bar and label colors are now in general availability. For iOS, the release is still rolling out.
  • In preview: Now rolling out in preview, OneDrive locations for auto-labeling policies are changing from sites specified by URLs to users and groups. This change of configuration means that administrative units are now supported for OneDrive auto-labeling policies. Any existing OneDrive sites specified in auto-labeling policies as site URLs will continue to work but before you can add more OneDrive locations, or for restricted admins, you must first delete any existing OneDrive sites specified as URLs. Groups supported: distribution groups, Microsoft 365 groups, mail-enabled security groups, and security groups.
  • In preview: Now rolling out in preview, limited support for labels configured for user-defined permissions for Office on the web, SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • In preview: The following new conditions are rolling out in preview for auto-labeling policies. Just the final new condition listed requires an advanced rule, and is applicable to OneDrive and SharePoint only. All the other new conditions are available in common rules:
    • Attachment or file extension is
    • Attachment or document name contains words or phrases
    • Attachment or document property is
    • Attachment or document size equals or is greater than
    • Document created by
  • In preview: A Contextual Summary tab is added to auto-labeling policies that are in simulation. Similar to other solutions that support contextual summary, when you select an item to review for matched files on SharePoint or OneDrive, this new tab highlights the matched content and its surrounding context. Use this tab to confirm that the match is positive and therefore suitable to turn on the policy. Or, the match is negative, in which case you can fine-tune the policy and rerun simulation. Contextual summary isn’t supported for emails.
  • Removal of limitations for Teams when using sensitivity labels: Several previous limitations are removed for Teams protected meetings, which include Safari and Firefox support to prevent copy chat, support for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), policy settings for justification for changing a label, mandatory labeling, and a help link to a custom help page, and more methods are now supported to prevent copying chat.