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Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales

Copilot for sales

Empower sellers to close more deals faster and deepen customer relationships.

Help your sellers focus on ROI and strengthen customer relationships with AI assistance in Dynamics 365 Sales—the first CRM to offer next-generation AI for sellers. Use AI to:

  • Write email replies.
  • Draft meeting summaries.
  • Update customer records.
  • Pull relevant information from SharePoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.


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Building meaningful customer relationships is crucial for sellers to close deals. Instead, sellers are often busy doing mundane tasks, like manually entering data in their CRM. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an AI-powered sales solution that empowers sellers to focus more time on closing deals and less time on manual tasks. Now, with Microsoft Sales Copilot, you can leverage next generation AI to unlock seller productivity and provide guidance to progress customer relationships. Copilot can help sellers meet customer needs by providing a quick and comprehensive summary of key customer data, as well as keeping them up to date on new activities.

To confidently prepare your sales team for an upcoming meeting, Copilot can provide a summary of a customer’s email history, previous meetings, and notes. When it’s time for the meeting, the embedded Teams dialer allows sellers to make calls directly in the flow of work. After the call, they can view a summary with talk-to-listen ratios, customer sentiment, and competitor mentions.

Next, sellers can see prioritized recommendations for which activities to do next to progress their sales pipeline. When it’s time to engage, sellers can use Sales Copiot to quickly generate email replies or update customer records directly from Outlook, enabling them to stay within their application of choice and save valuable time.

Dynamics 365 Sales also has powerful tools for sales managers. Managers can view sales data for their team to ensure forecasting and revenue goals are on track. They can also create sequences of sales activities based on best practices to help guide their team. From sellers to sales managers, Dynamics 365 Sales unlocks productivity and provides insights to help organizations accelerate revenue and close more deals.