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Đánh giá của Gartner với Acterys

Acterys is a Niche Player in this Magic Quadrant. Its product, Acterys xP&A, offers data model creation in a cloud or on-premises data warehouse from any data source and provides Power BI visuals and planning capabilities. Acterys is a private company with customers worldwide and the majority in North America. It serves clients in an array of verticals; its top three include energy and utilities, professional services and manufacturing. An innovative feature is its Microsoft product integration, which includes Power BI, SQL and Excel and allows for customer app creation and write-back data from Power BI. In 2024, Acterys plans to release automated AI data models for enhanced forecasting.

  • Configurable data models: Acterys automatically generates models with its listed source system connectors or uses Power BI Sync to import any Power BI data model. This may benefit Azure and Power BI user companies that have already invested in developing in Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform ecosystem.
  • Reporting: Acterys offers graphics certified with International Business Communication Standards, profit and loss visuals, and a board reporting template. Users can access logic written with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in the product’s matrix and user-friendly calculations on screen in the profit and loss visual.
  • Vertical/industry templates: Acterys’ Rapid Results Packs are tailored solutions designed for sectors such as financial services, insurance, government, life sciences and others. These packs come preloaded with a suite of data models, templates, dashboards and analytical components that are ready to use out of the box.

  • Workflow capabilities: Acterys offers basic task management functionality and lags behind other vendors who offer out-of-the-box visual workflow planning capability, metrics to understand bottlenecks and features that help orchestrate the planning process. Clients looking for advanced workflow features might find this product falls short of their needs.
  • Administrative configuration: Due to Acterys’ integration with Microsoft products, users should be aware that some security, data integration, data modeling and logic writing features can be configured in the Acterys Modeller or the Microsoft environment. To avoid a potential error and mitigate unnecessary risk, customers should clarify the governance approach through a documented framework.
  • Pricing: Some Acterys features, such as connection to Microsoft Fabric, require Power BI Pro or Premium licensing. Prospective customers requiring these features should assess whether this level of licensing is covered in their existing Microsoft 365 subscription when comparing pricing.
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