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Microsoft Purview là gì

Microsoft Purview là gì?

Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive set of solutions that can help your organization govern, protect, and manage data, wherever it lives. Microsoft Purview solutions provide integrated coverage and help address the fragmentation of data across organizations, the lack of visibility that hampers data protection and governance, and the blurring of traditional IT management roles.

Microsoft Purview combines the former Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance solutions and services together into a unified platform to help your organization:

  • Gain visibility into data across your organization
  • Safeguard and manage sensitive data across its lifecycle, wherever it lives
  • Govern data seamlessly in new, comprehensive ways
  • Manage critical data risks and regulatory requirements

Microsoft Purview là gì

Data security, governance, and compliance together

Microsoft Purview provides organizations with a powerful platform for governing and securing data across your entire data estate.

Data security

Microsoft Purview provides a robust and coordinated set of risk and compliance solutions to help you discover and protect sensitive information. The solutions include:

Data governance

Microsoft Purview includes unified data governance solutions that help you manage data services across your on-premises, multicloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) estate. That includes Azure storage servicesPower BI, databases like SQL or Hive, file services like Amazon S3, and many more. The solutions include:

Together, these tools empower your organization to:

  • Create an up-to-date map of your entire data estate that includes data classification and end-to-end lineage
  • Identify where sensitive data is stored in your estate
  • Create a secure environment for data consumers to find valuable data
  • Generate insights about how your data is stored and used
  • Manage access to the data in your estate securely and at scale

Risk and compliance

Microsoft Purview includes risk and compliance solutions to help your organization minimize compliance risks and meet regulatory requirements. The solutions include:

Are you interested in privacy risk management?

Microsoft Priva solutions help you manage privacy risks and efficiently fulfill data subject requests. You can access Priva solutions in the classic Microsoft Purview compliance portal.