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Những chức năng mới của Purview trong tháng 11-2023

Các chức năng mới của Purview trong tháng 11-2023

November 2023

Announced at Microsoft Ignite

The following new Microsoft Purview capabilities are announced at Microsoft Ignite:

Data lifecycle management and records management

Data Loss Prevention

  • In previewMicrosoft managed storage for DLP evidence. When saving evidence of the matches detected by your DLP policies, you can now use Azure blob storage managed by Microsoft as an alternative to creating an Azure blob that you manage yourself.

  • General availability (GA)Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning enables Microsoft Purview to scan content in images for sensitive information.

Information protection

  • New graphic added to Consider a phased deployment to conceptually illustrate a phased deployment of sensitivity labels and DLP policies that become more integrated, and with more restrictive controls.

Microsoft Priva

  • In previewIdentify duplicates, apply actions once to all duplicate items, and filter duplicates from view when reviewing data for a subject rights request.

Sensitivity labels

  • General availability (GA): Sensitivity labels are recognized and used by Copilot for Microsoft 365 to provide an extra layer of protection for your organization’s data.