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Những điểm mới của Microsoft Graph Connectors trong tháng 11-2023

Microsoft Graph connectors continue to be a powerful extensibility option for Microsoft 365 Copilot and Search. They index your valuable organization content in Microsoft Graph.

The Graph also enables Copilot to reason over the entire breadth of your enterprise content. You may index content from data sources like File shares, Service Now, Jira, Confluence, Salesforce etc. and deploy Copilot as your complete AI-powered productivity solution. 

Here are some recent updates related to Microsoft Graph connectors. 

New Microsoft-built Graph connectors 

ServiceNow Tickets and Confluence are latest additions to your out of box connectors catalog.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Catalog of Microsoft-built Graph connectorsCatalog of Microsoft-built Graph connectors

Microsoft Graph connector for ServiceNow Tickets 

ServiceNow Tickets is one of the most popular IT ticketing system used to track service requests, events, incidents, and alerts. Graph Connector for ServiceNow Tickets is the third in series of Microsoft-built connectors for ServiceNow, following Knowledge base articles and Catalog items connectors. Effective discovery and tracking of tickets streamlines the IT processes and increases resolution speed. The connector addresses the need to access ServiceNow tickets from within the M365 ecosystem, a common ask of many organizations. 

It indexes ServiceNow tickets in Microsoft Graph, making it easier to find relevant ticket information and get answers to enterprise knowledge questions in a single place. Thereby directly improving productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.  

Users will be able to index ticket properties from the task table in ServiceNow, enabling them to find relevant ticket information quickly and easily. The connector also supports indexing tickets properties from extended task tables, providing flexibility and control over the indexed information. 

Admins can choose to go with ServiceNow access levels, and also select property mapping to users. This ensures that the ticket information is only visible to the authorized users and respects the data privacy and security policies of the organization. 


thumbnail image 2 captioned View of permissions selection screen to allow selective roles to view ticketsView of permissions selection screen to allow selective roles to view tickets

The connector is now available in targeted release, and you may configure it from the M365 Admin center. The connector will be generally available in December 2023. 

Microsoft Graph connector for Confluence server/datacenter 

Confluence is a wiki platform used for collaboration, knowledge management, and documentation. Microsoft Graph connector for Confluence server/data center allows you to index Confluence Server or Data center content in Microsoft Graph. This is the second Confluence connector following the first one Confluence cloud connector, which is generally available already. 

Indexing Confluence for Microsoft Copilot and Search enables teams to collaborate efficiently and end-users to retrieve information quickly. The Confluence On-Premises Connector honors the Confluence’s environment permissions and allows authorized users to indexed content.

The connector is in preview. If you wish to get early access to try it, sign-up using this form. 

Better manageability of your connections 

Staged rollout 

Staged Rollout feature allows you to gradually introduce Graph connectors to a select group of users in your production environment. You can use it to deploy an existing or new connection to a limited number of users, monitor performance, and adjust settings as needed. One can also expand or shrink the scope of the rollout at any time. When you’re ready, you can end the staged rollout and deploy the connection to the entire organization (or to all applicable users). 

Staged rollout can be setup on a connection as follows: 

  • In the Search and Intelligence portal, under the Data Sources tab, go to ‘Display all connections’ section. The connection list has a column ‘Staged Rollout’. The link under this column can be used to add or edit staged rollout settings. 

thumbnail image 3 captioned Data sources tab in Search and intelligence portalData sources tab in Search and intelligence portal 

  • While creating a new connection, one can use the ‘Publish to limited users’ button alongside the ‘Publish’ button.  

thumbnail image 4 captioned Connection setup wizard - review connectionConnection setup wizard – review connection

  • The list of users and groups can be added in the staging config.

 thumbnail image 5 captioned Add staging users and groupsAdd staging users and groups

Learn more about Staged rollout feature in the documentation. Staged rollout capability is currently being rolled out world-wide and is expected to be generally available by December 2023.  

Advanced crawl scheduling 

Advanced Crawl Scheduling for Microsoft Graph connectors provides admins with greater flexibility over the scheduling of their connection crawls. 

Admins can now schedule crawls to occur during specific hours of the day and on specific days of the week. This allows them to better plan their crawls and avoid potential conflicts with other system activities. 


thumbnail image 6 captioned Advanced crawl scheduling optionsAdvanced crawl scheduling options


The new advanced crawl scheduling options are now generally available, and you may re-configure any existing crawls to follow desired new schedule. The same can be done by editing your connections and making changes in the “Refresh Settings”. You will see new scheduling options while creating a new connection as well. All the existing schedules have been automatically translated into the advanced scheduling configuration. So, you do not need to worry about losing your existing schedules.   


To know more advanced crawl scheduling refer our documentation about setting crawl schedules


Service Health notifications 

Service Health notifications help customers stay informed about the status of their Graph Connector crawls and take actions when necessary. 

One of the challenges that admins face when using Graph Connectors is keeping track of crawl failures. Crawl failures can occur for a variety of reasons, such as authentication issues, data source unreachability, or an unknown internal issue. With the new Graph Connector Notifications feature, admins will be notified about crawl failures and provided with the right information to help them navigate to the respective location to resolve the issue. 

By providing timely notifications and actionable information, these notifications will help resolve crawl failures and maintain the freshness of your search index. 

Following is a notification sample for admin to act on.

thumbnail image 7 captioned Notification sampleNotification sample


Admins can browse through all the notifications that need action.

 thumbnail image 8 captioned List of Active issuesList of Active issues


Each notification has detail on the actions and diagnostics of the issue.

thumbnail image 9 captioned Notification detailNotification detail


 Service Health notifications are now generally available and can be monitored from the Service Health dashboard on M365 Admin center. You can subscribe to get these notifications over e-mail as well by giving up to two e-mail ids.  


thumbnail image 10 captioned Customize notifications and subscriptionCustomize notifications and subscription

To learn more about these notifications refer our documentation page about notifications. 

 We hope these features improve your overall experience with the Microsoft Graph connectors product. Excited to hear your feedback. 

Copilot in Microsoft Outlook 

  • Coming in early 2024, Copilot in Outlook helps you prepare for upcoming meetings—combing through invitation details, related emails, and pertinent documents to build a synthesized summary that you can review quickly and show up prepped.  
  • Copilot now also helps you navigate bulky email threads effortlessly with an email thread summary. Copilot extracts crucial information, proposing actionable steps like a follow-up meeting. Once a meeting is selected, it drafts agendas, summarizes discussions, creates engaging meeting titles, populates attendees, appends the original thread for clarity, and suggests times when everyone can meet.

Animated GIF of a weekly calendar view in Outlook, showing how Copilot can schedule meetings on specific topics, suggest attendees, draft agendas, recommend files to share, and find times when everyone is available.

  • Independent of email, Copilot can also help you schedule meetings on specific topics. It will suggest relevant attendees, draft agendas, recommend files to share, and find times when everyone is available.