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Những điểm mới của Purview tháng 7-2023

Những điểm mới, chức năng mới, chức năng nâng cấp của Purview tháng 7-2023

July 2023


  • New notification concerning the retirement of Audit Classic Search.
  • New: Addition of new operation search bar in the compliance portal.
  • Updates to clarify the audit item lifetime limit. This is determined when it’s added to the auditing pipeline and is based on the licensing defaults or applicable retention policies.
  • Clarification on the support for the Search-MailboxAuditLog and Search-AdminAuditLog cmdlets.

Communication compliance

Data loss prevention


  • Clarification about placing distribution lists on hold. When you select a distribution list to be placed on hold, the hold is placed on each of the member mailboxes in the distribution list when the policy is created. Subsequent changes in the distribution list do not change or update the holds or the policy.
  • General availability (GA)Upgrading a case to eDiscovery (Premium).
  • General availability (GA)Jobs report in eDiscovery (Premium).
  • New: Improving on the default filters in previous versions, eDiscovery (Premium) now provides advanced filters that let you build more flexible and advanced filters for review sets.
  • Clarification on the default options to select retrieval options in draft collections. These are configured on the global eDiscovery Settings > Collections page. Retrieval options selected on the Collections setting page are selected as the default retrieval settings for all collections.
  • Updates to clarify recipient expansion searches. These searches may not return expected results when using an email alias or part of an alias. We recommend using the full UPN in these searches.

Insider risk management

Sensitivity labels

  • General availability (GA): A Contextual Summary tab is added to auto-labeling policies that are in simulation. Similar to other solutions that support contextual summary, when you select an item to review for matched files on SharePoint or OneDrive, this new tab highlights the matched content and its surrounding context. Use this tab to confirm that the match is positive and therefore suitable to turn on the policy. Or, the match is negative, in which case you can fine-tune the policy and rerun simulation. Contextual summary isn’t supported for emails.
  • In preview: Now rolling out in preview, PDF support for auto-labeling policies, default sensitivity labels for SharePoint document libraries, and labeling activities in Office on the web that include manual labeling and displaying labeled documents, and encrypted PDFs that are now supported for DLP, eDiscovery, and search. You must opt-in for this PDF support.