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SharePoint Embedded

Microsoft thông báo sản phẩm Sharepoint Embedded Chi tiết thông tin tại đây

Today we’re pleased to announce that SharePoint Embedded, a new way to build custom content apps for enterprises and ISVs, is available for public preview. SharePoint Embedded offers a headless, API-only pattern to build content apps that integrate management capabilities like collaboration, security, and compliance into any app by storing content inside an enterprise’s existing Microsoft 365 tenant.

Enterprises can use SharePoint Embedded to power line of business apps, creating a unified and familiar experience for both app users and system administrators charged with managing these new apps. ISVs can use this same scalable and performant technology to deliver Microsoft 365 content management capabilities as part of every enterprise app they build. When an ISV adopts SharePoint Embedded, documents are managed within the end customer’s tenant. The ISV’s customers can leverage a robust and consistent content management system they already trust, including global security and compliance.

How it works

SharePoint Embedded is a new platform designed for use by both first-party Microsoft products and third-party apps created by any developer. Two of our newest apps, Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer are powered by SharePoint Embedded. Built on the same stack as SharePoint and OneDrive, SharePoint Embedded is highly scalable and performant, and designed for hyperscale use cases.

Sharepoint Embedded

SharePoint Embedded Architecture

SharePoint Embedded accelerates your content management roadmap by enabling new capabilities for custom content apps:

  1. Extend advanced Microsoft 365 security and compliance to your app, such as audit, eDiscovery, Bring Your Own Key, and more
  2. Leverage Microsoft 365 business continuity capabilities such as autoscaling, high availability, Microsoft 365 BackupMicrosoft 365 Archive, and disaster recovery.
  3. Deliver Microsoft 365 collaboration to your customers, users, and guest users as part of your app, such as coauthoring in Word or PowerPoint.
  4. Embed Microsoft’s trusted content management capabilities in your app, such as search, content preview, and version tracking.
  5. Craft a custom user experience that puts your app in complete control of security, lifecycle, and management.
  6. Harness the power of SharePoint Premium (e.g. document processing, eSignature, content assembly) in your app.
  7. Add your content to search and the Microsoft 365 semantic index – the technology powering Copilot for Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Embedded introduces a new storage primitive, containers, that offers a highly scalable approach to managing content. Containers also enable a rich information and security architecture to meet the needs of the most demanding modern apps.

SharePoint Embedded builds on familiar Graph APIs, making it easy to adopt, and includes a flexible security model designed to meet the most demanding security requirements. And it’s fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Microsoft Purview, allowing administrators to use familiar tools to manage content lifecycle, security, and compliance.